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Request for adminship[bıvurne]

I request administrator access on diq.wiktionary:

I'm a native speaker of Zazaki and an active user since 2006 at Zazaki Wikipedia. I also want to be an admin on Zazaki Wiktionary. Thank you so much! -- Mirzali (mesac) 03:57, 21 Çele 2021 (+03)

  1. Support--Balyozxane (mesac) 04:31, 21 Çele 2021 (+03)
  2. Support-- Mirzali is a native speaker of Zazaki and does his work very well. Umut Akkoç (mesac) 13:31, 21 Çele 2021 (+03)
  3. Support-- I have these many years as an admin of Zazaki Wikipedia only positive experiences with Mirzali. He is a native speaker, knows also the other 2 main dialects well and has also a very good orthographic proficiency. --Asmen (mesac) 22:37, 21 Çele 2021 (+03)